LORENZEN | Cornell Should Build a Fitness Center in Collegetown

You’ve completed all the things — your classwork is all concluded, your condominium is hunting spiffy, each and every product on your to-do listing has been crossed off with self-confidence. You’re positively flourishing, and with this dazzling productiveness, you are motivated to get a little bit of exercising today as effectively. So, you toss on your workout dresses and head to Teagle to get a brief carry in in advance of evening meal. You walk all the way there, shivering a little bit in the chilly temperature, and tug on the door deal with to get inside of. But Teagle is closed. It closes at 7 p.m.

Your ideal, effective day is no extended rather so perfect and efficient, but, undeterred, you trudge onward to Noyes. You shiver more on this next walk when the frigid wind on the slope laughs at your meager attire. At last, you make it to Noyes. It is open up, thank God, and you galavant within, overjoyed to ultimately lift hefty factors. Of program, Noyes is packed to the rafters with college students. There’s not a one equipment offered. The absolutely free-weights part seems like Level B for the duration of fishbowls. Even all the cardio devices are taken. So, you have interaction in the time-outdated tradition of doing the job out for 20 minutes and then supplying up due to the fact there are just as well quite a few folks. 

Cornell requires to do a far better work of creating its exercise facilities accessible to students. From the point that Cornell rates college students for its gyms to the overcrowding at lots of spots, the method puts up far also quite a few roadblocks for students to be capable to workout with ease and regularity. Creative answers have earlier been proposed, this kind of as just one strategy set ahead by fellow feeling columnist Roei Dery ‘23, but to clear up the issue of overcrowding, particularly at Noyes, Cornell really should create a health and fitness center in the 1 place remaining with a lot of college students and no nearby health and fitness center: Collegetown.